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Built for your industry, all-in-one.

Sage X3 Enterprise Management is designed with features that are ready to use in most distribution and manufacturing industries, combined with consultants that are trained and equipped with the right domain knowledge, ensuring your complex operations running in full speed at minimum cost and resource wastage.


With Sage X3, manufacturers will gain full control over all core business processes such as financials management, supply chain management and production management. Manufacturers will always make decision one-step-ahead and prevent over/under-supplying materials with real-time inventory management and production schedule oversight.

Sage X3's Solution
  • Forecast demand to ensure smooth and consistent supply chain operations and process.
  • Inventory managers will gain access to real-time information and make critical decisions quickly.
  • Bird-eye view over inventory management to increase the visibility of inefficiencies and costs.
  • Complete control over the production and supply chain with one connected solution.

Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing requires a more agile and stringent operation due to the nature of the raw materials and how the product is manufactured. Sage X3 is designed to ensure manufacturers requirement for standard quality of raw materials and produced products while minimising wastage.

Sage X3's Solution
  • Quality control management by automating production and distribution lifecycles, assuring production compliance in industry Regulations.
  • Minimize wasted materials by automating and monitoring detailed production plans and schedule.
  • Allows manufacturers to respond quickly to any production disruption by tracing supplier and distributor’s performance and delivery.


The key to a successful distribution business is having the fastest, precise, and cost-effective business process model. To achieve that speed and precision at a low cost, the answer is formulating a collective strategy to overlook and automate operations, finance and logistic workflow and processes. Sage X3’s integrated and built-in features allow businesses to streamline all-important workflow, providing distributors peace of mind from errors while running the business at maximum output.

Sage X3's Solution
  • Real-time bird eye view over the business operations allows distribution business to react to crisis and helps to make critical decisions quickly with the information at hand.
  • Automation minimizes redundant work, ultimately saving tremendous time and cost.
  • Having strong control over distribution business with the on-demand operation management to overcome challenges from business partners or clients.


There are more to the challenges faces by service businesses, things that are not as significantly critical in the manufacturing/distribution industry such as high reliance intangible assets and volatile regulatory environment. To overcome this, Sage X3 is built for service businesses to gain full control over the business to steer business direction quickly when facing a volatile situation.

Sage X3's Solution
  • High accessibility and visibility of real-time data help service business to run the business more efficiently and profitably.
  • With enough consolidated data within the grasp, the service business can accurately forecast customer demands and giving management a better knowledge of best options.

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