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As an industry that continues to expand and grow in terms of products and services, the distribution industry is no exception to its own set of unique challenges including issues involving human capital management. Some of the specific demands include recruitment and retention, as well as adoption of new technologies.

The Challenges Distribution faced today

  • Aging workforce – Distribution industry is facing the issue of aging workforce as a result of failure to attract new talents, especially technical professionals. Lack of new blood to replace those in attrition or retirement.
  • Inability to attract new talents – This phenomenon could pose as a threat to the future growth of distribution industry.
  • Insufficient or inexistent training – Millennial talents are attracted by quality training and continuous development opportunities offered by the company they are joining. Companies need to invest in the continuous growth of its employees.
  • Outdated career advancement policy – Many companies in the distribution industry are still adopting the old, time-honoured system of on-the-job training and promotion through ranks. In fact, many tend to recycle existing talents then training new ones.
  • Slow adoption of new technologies –. The delay in adopting new technology may very well be a factor the company fails to attract new talents or retain them. New technologies enable HR to strategize and manage workforce more efficiently.

Inspire X70 is designed to help HR professionals increase efficiency by addressing the complex labor environments in distribution.

How Inspire X70 helps you to management your human capital effectively:

  • Recruitment and Applicant Tracking – Source, pre-screen, and track applicants. Hire the right talents quicker and more efficiently.
  • Onboarding – customizable online onboarding experience to include new staff orientation, online HR policy, and training videos for employees in multiple locations.
  • Time & Attendance – Online tracking and record of employee check-in / check-out.
  • Employee Scheduling – Conveniently manage employee scheduling of multiple work sites, shifts and job assignments.
  • Payroll – Track and manage hourly labor and other complex pay rules while keeping in compliance with customized features.
  • Labor Analytics – Access to labor data and generate report on key workforce metrics to help you make proactive and informed workforce management decisions.
  • Automation Process – Automated system reduces human error, freeing you from repetitive tasks.

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