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The two key areas in Human Capital Management (HCM) for manufacturing industry are productivity and efficiency. As an industry that evolves rapidly, HR professionals are constantly finding new ways to streamline and automate unnecessary processes, at the same time, manage diverse workforce in the company effectively.

The Challenges Manufacturing faced today

  • Workforce shortage – In 2019, 27.5% of 15.6 million Malaysian workforce are high-skilled employees. Working population has decreased to 14.93 million since Covid pandemic in 2020, with manufacturing being one of the most affected sectors. Ageing of workforce coupled with the misconception by younger generations that manufacturing lacks competitive wages also contributed to the shrinking of manufacturing workforce.
  • Recruitment Challenges – Recruiting new and skilled talent to address the current workforce shortage in manufacturing is critical. Unfortunately, the specificity of many manufacturing positions that require highly specialized skill sets, has become a limiting factor for potential qualified applicants.
  • Higher Turnover & Retention – HR faces the challenge of retaining highly skilled workers in manufacturing which is prone to high turnover rates as people are attracted to explore new opportunities, and higher wage. In this circumstance, manufacturers are faced with the need to retrain new staffs and also increase wages or benefits to retain existing ones.
  • Training & Development – As recruitment for talents grow even more competitive, HR professionals need to develop adequate training to all employees to keep them current with latest development in order to prepare for any future challenges.
  • Compliance issues abound – HR in manufacturing needs to look into compliance for issues like sick leave, overtime, complex pay rules and union rules. Because all this involves a large number of employees, it becomes a complex process for HR professionals.

Inspire X70 is designed to help HR professionals increase efficiency by addressing the complex processes of human capital management in manufacturing.

Here’s how Inspire X70 helps you to do more, while saving cost and time:

  • Onboarding – customizable online onboarding experience to include new staff orientation, online HR policy, and training videos.
  • HR management – simplify workflow and approval process, employee self-service feature with on-demand documents retrieval i.e EA form.
  • Time and Attendance – Online tracking and record of employee check-in / check-out.
  • Scheduling / Calendar – Create shareable work scheduling easily.
  • Payroll & taxes – simplify and automate payroll processing and tax filing.
  • Administration – Generate report on key workforce metrics in just a few clicks.
  • Compliance – centralize data for employees on policies, benefits and etc.

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