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Tailored to meet your industry needs

Inspire X70 is designed with features that are ready to use in major industries like manufacturing, distribution, service, retail, and even plantation. The system can be configured to meet your complex human capital management, keeping your employees in check, and business running, at minimum cost.

Efficient hiring, precise salary payout, compliant to regulators.

Designed for Manufacturers

The two key areas in Human Capital Management (HCM) for manufacturing industry are productivity and efficiency. As an industry that evolves rapidly, HR professionals are constantly finding new ways to streamline and automate unnecessary processes, at the same time, manage diverse workforce in the company effectively.

Flexible workforce resourcing, hiring and trainings.

Designed for Distributors

As an industry that continues to expand and grow in terms of products and services, the distribution industry is no exception to its own set of unique challenges including issues involving human capital management. Some of the specific demands include recruitment and retention, as well as adoption of new technologies.

Motivate, upskill and retain high skilled talents.

Designed for Services Businesses

The services industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the world economy. It includes individuals and businesses that produce services rather than goods. The services industry involves in more contact with people than other industries in the economy. It’s human capital management remains as one of the most challenging ones with strict work schedules, irate customers and high expectations from management.

  • Apply Leaves
  • Apply Claims
  • Attendance Tracking
  • e-Payslip
  • EA Form
  • Team Calendar

Maintain reliable, knowledgeable, and disciplined workforce.

Designed for Retails

Workforce plays a pivotal role in the retail industry. As the key department entrusted with the management of the workforce, HR professionals has the responsibility to recruit, train, manage and retain a loyal team. Poor employee management can have direct impacts on end customers.

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