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Designed For Accounting & Finance

Your accounting system to manage finances and operations may gradually become less efficient especially when your business grows and needs increase. 

The Challenges the most business face in Accounting & Finance today

  • Poor platform integration – no central location to perform data analysis. Data is manually re-entered into each application, leading to errors and decrease in productivity.
  • Unable to support growth – as business grows, company needs to update add-ons to the system to keep up with competitors. Limited functions slow down processes and affect performances.
  • Manually gathering of data – system only supports basic reporting functionality.

SAP Business One offers integrated functionality in accounting and finance to help you operate faster and more efficiently.

How SAP Business One Helps Growing Businesses with Broader Capabilities

  • Financial management – unite financial operations with other processes to expedite transactions. Streamlined processes help company to become more efficient to keep up with competitions.
  • Analytics & reporting – help businesses manage inventory across multiple locations and maintain a cost-effective production. Track stock movements, optimize inventory, and improve delivery time with real time data.
  • Customization of reports – create and customize report formats while interactive analysis offers insights into how your business is performing in all departments.

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