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Designed For Manufacturing

SAP Business One is an all-in-one solution that provides accurate, real-time information, and integrates production, profitability measures, EDI, supply chain management, shipping logistics, and other advanced manufacturing capabilities for manufacturers. 

The Challenges Manufacturing faced today

  • Bills of materials (BOMs) management – poorly managed bill of materials can affect efficiency and cause missed sales opportunities. Without consistent BOM data between departments, one cannot quote jobs accurately, ensure timely delivery, or take advantage of new opportunities.

    Inventory control – poor visibility into supplier inventory, lead times and other critical data will affect production schedules, inventory level and orders fulfilments. Lack of important customer-facing data leads to double counting inventory items and backorders from unexpected fulfilment delays.

    Cash flow management – It is common for SME manufacturers to have a certain lead time in receiving payments. Therefore, manufacturers turn to financing, like loan or factoring to get financial aid. If SME manufacturers can’t provide the financing company with data that supports the viability of the customer orders, then finance firm will take larger fee to account for the higher risk. 

    Digital transformation – SME manufacturers need to accelerate digital transformation to create new or enhance current business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet the changing needs of the business and market.

    Direct to consumer channels implementation – SME manufacturers are constantly finding new ways to engage with consumers through eCommerce platforms.

    Competition from cheap-labour – If you can’t compete on price, you have to be innovative. This is the challenge faced by SME manufacturer who are competing against other manufacturers who use cheap labour forces.

SAP Business One is built to specifically help small to midsized manufacturers to address some of the unique challenges they faced.

How SAP Business One drives efficiency in your Manufacturing Business

  • Single source of truth – eliminates BOM information disconnects and ensures that every departments share the same information.
  • Automated inventory forecasts report – predicts material requirements by analysing past customer orders and associated BOMs, applying advanced algorithms to recommend future inventory requirements.
  • Critical data to support claims – keep your operations going by getting paid more with critical data to support your claims of customer / order viability like customer history and customer-related data.
  • Innovative connection between systems – ease of adding new systems and processes, or modifying existing processes based on needs as your business grow.
  • eCommerce integration – supports your initiatives to engage with consumers on various eCommerce platforms to make sales and attract new customers.
  • Reinvent business models – helps manufacturers add new channels, expand sales territories, open additional warehouses, and enhance services to customers by improving efficiency, workflow, and offer business insights.

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